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Nov 30, 2023

Unleashing Young Artists: Fitzpatricks 2024 Sold Sticker Colouring Competition!

Fitzpatricks is gearing up for a burst of colour and creativity as we launch our 2024 Sold Sticker Colouring Competition. Kindergarten to Year 6 students from all corners of Wagga Wagga and surrounds are invited to pick up their colouring pencils and design the sold stickers that will appear on all our sold signboards throughout 2024. This exciting opportunity not only celebrates the artistic young talents but also promises to showcase creativity to the heart of our community. Start Date: Friday, December 1st 2023 End Date: Friday, December 15th 2023 Winners will be notified by phone on Monday 18th December, and announced on the Fitzpatricks Facebook page. 1st Prize: $300 Rebel Sport Voucher 2nd Prize: $150 Smiggle Voucher 3rd Prize: $50 Forum 6 Movie Money The three winning designs will take center stage on our sold signboards throughout 2024. Imagine the pride your child will feel seeing their creation proudly displayed for the entire community to admire. How to Participate: Download your entry here Or visit us at 138 Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga Original artwork must be delivered or mailed to Fitzpatrick office by 15th December 2023. We wish all the entrants good luck! Click here for full Terms & Conditions

Jul 14, 2023

Make your property stand out from the rest

New interior styles and trends for homes are emerging in 2023. Many properties on the market use unique architectural designs, artistic decor, and minimalism as an effective way to stand out. Bold interior design is making its way back this year, with many homes already selling on the market while featuring bold designs with intriguing styling and unique colour palettes. 11 Lusher Avenue, Turvey Park, Wagga Wagga (Sold) Pick a colour and see where it takes you. Many vendors have been explorative and discovered some creative designs that compliment the features of their homes. As you can see above, the orange walls are complimented by accented rugs, orange furniture, decorative pieces and wall art. Blue being a complimentary colour to orange, sets a nice contrast within the room, creating a sense of cohesiveness. 11 Quill Avenue, Boorooma, Wagga Wagga (Sold) This modern, stylish home as you can see above, houses a beautifully contrasted kitchen space, with open plan living. The wood tones and the sleek black cabinets and bench compliment each other perfectly, creating a diverse space, which is softened by the white marble style splash back. With black pendant lights illuminating the bench, and simplistic decor, ties the design together perfectly. This design allows the property to feel more personal and unique, making it stand out from others. Why stand out? Expressing personality can be very important for a home. Not only can it express emotion, but it can reflect the potential that a home has. Creating an engaging space and show a home's individuality. Using bold interior design can help create an exciting atmosphere, using its contrasting colours, textures and patterns. If a home doesn't use styling, colours and unique features it may be risking blending in with the other houses on the market. Having a home that stands out, creates a higher opportunity for interest, because finding a home with personality and style is high priority. Having a bold, colourful and vibrant bedroom can have a positive effect on moods and emotion. Having cooler colours like green and blue can promote relaxation, whereas having orange and yellow can create a sense of warmth and welcoming. Each room can have its own purpose and you can explore the different impacts and personalities there is to offer. Creating a home that is stylish, emotive and bold can be the key to success when selling your home. There are so many homes that can be similar, so creating something fresh and engaging can prove to be a tremendous aid. 11 Quill Avenue, Boorooma, Wagga Wagga (Sold) 54 Ross Parkway, Gobbagombalin, Wagga Wagga (Sold) Wagga Wagga has proved itself as a hub for creativity within property and we can't wait to see what more there is to offer. New styles, trends and design opportunities emerge frequently, and there are many ways to dip your toes in the creative waters of interior design, to make your home stand out.

Jul 14, 2023

Presenting Your Home: Styling

A well-presented home is one of the biggest aids you could possibly use when advertising your property. The way your home looks and feels can be the make or break when coming to a successful sale, and good presentation could lead to a potentially higher selling price than anticipated. This is why styling your home or hiring a home stylist is extremely important. 5 Burwood Street, Turvey Park, Wagga Wagga What is styling? Styling takes an empty home, and makes it feel alive again. By using furniture, ornaments and decor, you can give each space a purpose, and show buyers the potential the home has for their own future. It can emphasise practicality and provide ideas for functionality and layout. A stylist will take a rooms functionality into account and capitlise on that, utilising light, the purpose of the room; it can create an emotive environment such as: the living room relaxing, the bedroom cozy and comfortable, the kitchen streamlined, open and calm. By using different colour palettes, they can harmonise the household by creating a consistent colour theme and art style. 29 Valencia Drive, Gobbagombalin, Wagga Wagga Why Style your home? Styling not only boosts your homes appearance for inspections, but also creates a more interesting subject to photograph. Photos of a home is almost always the first step in having a potential buyer to show up. As long as a home looks appealing, it can intrigue buyers and convince them that the property might be perfect for them. Not only does it show the functionality of the home, but it creates a window of opportunity for both the vendors and buyers. 11 Quill Avenue, Boorooma, Wagga Wagga (Sold) As you can see, the homes above have been given a unique flair, and now compliment the space. There is a cohesive colour scheme, and it makes the area feel open, airy and welcoming. It really helps potential buyers to be inspired as to how they could use the space.

Jul 14, 2023

Top Homes of the March Quarter 2023

The Fitzpatricks Sales Team had a busy first quarter, listing and selling some of the most beautiful properties that Wagga Wagga has to offer. Ranging from new, modern designs to traditional and exquisite homes, to improved properties returning to the market. 45 Currawang Drive, Springvale 72 Dalkeith Avenue, Lake Albert 6 Selwyn Place, Tatton 2 Kauri Place, Springvale 22 Turner Street, Turvey Park 7 St Pauls Place, Gobbagombalin 11 Quill Avenue, Boorooma 13 Lansdowne Avenue, Lake Albert 11 Lusher Avenue, Turvey Park Congratulations and thank you to vendors who chose to sell their properties with us this quarter. There were so many beautiful, unique and special homes, we can't wait to see what the rest of 2023 brings.

Jul 14, 2023

Renovation Series: Part 4

From old to new, this stunning home renovation using the strong bones of its foundation was able to create something fresh, modern, bright and open. From open-plan living to spacious rooms and a beautiful view, 50 White Avenue in Kooringal has now got it all. Sold back in September 2021, the new owner truly flipped this house and gave it a shiny new look. It is now back on the market, ready for someone to enjoy everything this house has to offer, from quality appliances to spacious living and gorgeous lighting. As you can see, the house has been given an almost brand-new facade, with a more inviting colour that makes its features pop. With a refurbished roof, and modern exterior lights, it really makes a statement. All these new features are just the tip of the iceberg for this property and makes a fantastic first impression. As soon as you enter this home, you are met with an extremely bright, airy and open space. With newly done top-grade flooring, which compliments the white walls and stunning new kitchen. Goodbye to the yellow, and hello to the white! This impressive kitchen makeover is sure to impress. Its space has been utilised ingeniously, transforming the old corner into a walk-in pantry and creating a more cohesive, streamlined and fashionable kitchen space. With potential to serve guests or socialize, the counter compliments the open-plan style, making the kitchen more accessible and giving a sense of space. As well as all new quality appliances, you can cook up a storm in style, and a beautiful splash-back as the perfect backdrop for when you're chopping up your vegetables. Relaxing will come easy with this completely overhauled bathroom. The accent of the soft wood tone of the vanity, similar to the flooring throughout the rest of the house, creates a perfect continuity. A soft light grey emphasizes a peacefulness and makes the room feel more open, and neutral, allowing you to feel completely comfortable as you sit back in the bathtub after a long day. Indoor and outdoor spaces now have much more to offer. Each living space has been neutralised to a serene and bright area, allowing for you fully embrace the space, kick back and relax. The new changes of this home lend themselves as the perfect opportunity to style it any which way you like, and to make a creative and unique home. Along with the lounge area, each room has received new carpeting that perfectly accentuates the white walls. With fresh paint and refurbished cupboards, you can sleep peacefully and in style. 50 White Avenue presents itself as the perfect candidate for anyone looking for stylish, open plan living with a modern touch and a great view.

Jan 11, 2023

Home Inspiration: Enviable Outdoor Areas

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, we're sure lots of people are eager to get outside and enjoy it! With Christmas and the summer holidays looming around the corner, we thought we'd share some of our favourite outdoor areas. Whether you're wanting to refresh your outdoor spaces to enjoy as a haven for yourself or to create the perfect backdrop for entertaining family and friends, we're sure this post will give you some inspiration. 45 Currawang Drive, Springvale - For Sale 91 Stanley Street, Kooringal (sold) 123 Morgan Street, Central Wagga (sold) 17 Gasnier Loop, Boorooma (sold) 1 Richard Street, Turvey Park (sold) 23 Nolan Street, Lloyd (sold) 16 Shaw Street, Central Wagga (sold) 8 John Street, Kooringal (sold) 56 Churchill Avenue (sold) 23 Amsterdam Crescent (sold) As you can see there are so many different ways you can decorate and transform your outdoor spaces. Regardless of your outdoor entertaining space or lack thereof, we hope you that you have the opportunity to spend some of the Summer holidays with friends and family.

Oct 20, 2022

Unique Wagga Homes | An Australian Native Garden

Each week, our sales team go on 'listing tour' to view our upcoming properties. Our team were impressed when they discovered this beautifully planned native garden at 87 Veale Street. Backyard at 87 Veale Street One of our current listings 21 Bellevue Parade also features a commendable native front yard. Both gardens will pay off, when we see the drier conditions return with El Niño. Grevillea "Moonlight" at 21 Bellevue Parade Both properties feature bold and classic, Australian native shrubs including Grevilleas, Bottlebrush and Banskias. Coupled with hardy native evergreen grasses such as Lomandra, ensuring the gardens are full of greenery and rich pops of colour throughout all seasons. 87 Veale Street In this garden, it's easy to imagine yourself reading a book, enjoying your morning tea, spotting local birdlife or hosting the best Easter egg hunt for your youngest family members! 87 Veale Street Banksia at 21 Bellevue Parade 87 Veale Street Both gardens attract native birds and insects creating the perfect haven for a gardener or those who love to escape in amongst nature. 21 Bellevue Parade You can speak to Paul Gooden about inspecting the gardens at 21 Bellevue Parade for yourself, and you can find out more about the property here. 87 Veale Street was sold by Joey Fisher in August and went under contract a few days after being listed on the market. The property can still be found on the Fitzpatricks website here. Fitzpatricks look forward to meeting new clients and exploring more unique properties like these in the future.